Example of KTutorial for the real world: showFoto

As said in the previous post, this KTutorial release (0.5) was focused on getting KTutorial ready to be used by other applications besides the KTutorial editor itself. How was it done? Well, using KTutorial on other applications besides the KTutorial editor itself 🙂

Specifically, a real showFoto tutorial from KDE UserBase was implemented in KTutorial. And not only that; the tutorial was implemented entirely using KTutorial editor. Even if C++ tutorials are more powerful than scripted ones, the goal was to ensure that just using the editor (which creates Javascript tutorials) and without any manual tweaking of the generated code, a tutorial useful for a real application could be done. And, guess what? It can be done 🙂

I have recorded a video showing the tutorial being followed in showFoto (Theora, 1280×800, 13MB). The source for this tutorial, which can be viewed and edited using KTutorial editor, can be downloaded here: “Levels adjust” tutorial for showFoto.

Cool! So, does showFoto support KTutorial now? Well, no, it does not. I had to patch showFoto to record that video 😉

However, the changes are pretty simple: showFoto is linked against KTutorial (if found), the tutorial itself is added as a Javascript file, the tutorial script is included in the message extraction for i10n and the name of the QObjects referenced in the tutorial are set. If you want to try this patch yourself, here it is: digiKam/showFoto patch (against current master at the time of this writing, which is 9744d0d3).

In the next post you can see another example, this time for Kdenlive 🙂


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