Example of KTutorial for the real world: Kdenlive

In the previous post I showed the KTutorial implementation of a KDE UserBase tutorial for showFoto. Now I will show a tutorial for Kdenlive.

This time, instead of adapting for KTutorial an already existing tutorial, I wrote the tutorial myself from scratch. I was not sure of what license the Kdenlive tutorials are under, so I made my own CC by-sa tutorial showing how to add a slide transition between two clips.

There are other two differences worth being mentioned. The first is that I made the Kdenlive tutorial once I released KTutorial 0.5. The showFoto tutorial was made during the KTutorial 0.5 development, and it was used to identify problems when using KTutorial in applications other than the KTutorial editor itself. But the Kdenlive tutorial was made using the released KTutorial 0.5 instead. That is, nothing had to be changed or fixed on KTutorial to implement this tutorial.

The other difference is that the Kdenlive code was modified just to use KTutorial. No object names were set this time. I could have added object names, or properties to Kdenlive classes, or custom WaitFors, or even made a C++ tutorial, and get an even more interactive tutorial. But I wanted to adapt to just what Kdenlive code provided. I think that the result was pretty good 🙂 (although it would not have been so good if Kdenlive code did not contain already a lot of object names 😉 ).

Enough chatting; here it is the video showing the tutorial being followed in Kdenlive (Theora, 1280×800, 14MB). The source for this tutorial, which can be viewed and edited using KTutorial editor, can be downloaded here: “Simple slide transition between two clips” tutorial for Kdenlive.

Like with showFoto, I have patched Kdenlive to record the video. The changes are the same that for showFoto, but for adding the object names: Kdenlive is linked against KTutorial (if found), the tutorial itself is added as a Javascript file and the tutorial script is included in the message extraction for i10n. If you want to try this patch yourself, here it is: Kdenlive patch (against current master at the time of this writing, which is 34f17213).

In the next post you can see a last example, this time for Gwenview 🙂


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