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KTutorial 0.5.1 released!


This is the first release licensed under the GPLv2+, and the first one containing translations provided by the KDE localization teams (thank you for your work! 🙂 ).

The release notes contain more information about the changes from 0.5 release.

Check the download page for information about downloading and building KTutorial.


Preventing graphical automated tests from interrupting you


You may have found that running graphical automated tests (like unit tests for view subdirectories in ktutorial-library and ktutorial-editor) can be very annoying. Ideally, you would launch the tests and then go on working on something else while they run. The problem is that, while you are trying to work on something else, the windows created by the unit tests are constantly appearing and disappearing.

If you don’t want to use the time spent running the tests giving a rest to your eyes far away from your monitor, and you want to use your computer while the tests are running, there is an easy solution: run the tests in a different display than the one you are using.

To do this, you must start that other display before running the tests. Xnest can be used to start another display inside a window in your current display. You should also start a window manager for that display to ensure that the tests will run in a “real” environment. Both things can be done in a single command (and as a user, there is no need to become root for this):
(Xnest :1 2>/dev/null & ) && (kwin -display :1 2>/dev/null & )

That command assumes that you are using just one display, and that you want to start a second display :1. If you are already using several displays, adjust the number accordingly. The redirection of error output (2>/dev/null) is not mandatory; it is just used to prevent the console to be flooded with error messages.

Once the second display is started, you can execute the tests on it with:
DISPLAY=:1 ctest

Of course, you may also export the DISPLAY variable, or run a specific test executable, instead of using ctest.

Finally, once you no longer need the auxiliar display, just close its window. That will end the kwin and Xnest processes.